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Steroids - Basic Science

Edited by: Hassan Abduljabbar

ISBN 978-953-307-866-3, Hard cover, 234 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: January 2012
Subject: Endocrinology and Metabolism

This book explains the basic science of steroids and is targeted towards professionals engaged in health services. It should be noted that medical science evolves rapidly and some information like the understanding of steroids and their therapeutic use may change with new concepts quickly. Steroids are either naturally occurring or synthetic fat-soluble organic compounds. They are found in plants, animals, and fungi. They mediate a very diverse set of biological responses. The most widespread steroid in the body is cholesterol, an essential component of cell membranes, and the starting point for the synthesis of other steroids. Since the science of steroids has an enormous scope, we decided to put the clinical aspects of steroids in a different book titled "Steroids-Clinical Aspects". The two books complete each other. We hope that the reader will gain valuable information from both books and enrich their knowledge about this fascinating topic.

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Part 1 Physiology of Steroid Hormones 1

Chapter 1 Hormonal and Neural Mechanisms
Regulating Hormone Steroids Secretion 3
Roberto Domínguez, Angélica Floresand Sara E. Cruz-Morales

Chapter 2 The Tissue Specific Role of Estrogen
and Progesterone in Human
Endometrium and Mammary Gland 35
Karin Tamm, Marina Suhorutshenko,
Miia Rõõm, Jaak Simm and Madis Metsis

Chapter 3 Evolving Trends in Estrogen Receptor Biology 65
Raghava Varman Thampan

Part 2 Pathophysiology of Steroid Hormones 83

Chapter 4 Cryptorchidism and Steroid Hormones 85
Marzena Kamieniczna, Anna Havrylyuk and Maciej Kurpisz

Chapter 5 Dehydroepiandrosterone
in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 97
Yoshio Sumida, Kyoko Sakai, Tomoyuki Ohno,
Kazuyuki Kanemasa, Yutaka Inada, Naohisa Yoshida,
Kohichiroh Yasui, Yoshito Itoh, Yuji Naito, Toshikazu Yoshikawa

Chapter 6 DHEA and Impaired Glucose
Tolerance Clinical and Basic Study 109
Hajime Ueshiba

Chapter 7 17beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase
Type 3 Deficiency: Diagnosis, Phenotypic
Variability and Molecular Findings 119
Maria Felicia Faienza and Luciano Cavallo
Chapter 8 Steroid Hormones in Drosophila:
How Ecdysone Coordinates Developmental
Signalling with Cell Growth and Division 141
Leonie Quinn, Jane Lin, Nicola Cranna,
Jue Er Amanda Lee, Naomi Mitchell and Ross Hannan

Part 3 Pharmacology 169

Chapter 9 Approaches for Searching
of Modified Steroid Estrogen Analogues
with Improved Biological Properties 171
Alexander Shavva, Svetlana Morozkina and Olga Galkina

Chapter 10 Drug Design Approaches to Manipulate the
Agonist-Antagonist Equilibrium in Steroid Receptors 221
Scott J. Lusher, Paolo Conti, Wim Dokter,
Pedro H. Hermkens and Jacob de Vlieg

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