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Anticoagulation in COVID-19: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Rapid Guidance From Mayo Clinic
Robert D. McBane et al
Mayo Clin Proc.nNovember 2020;95(11):2467-2486
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A higher risk of thrombosis has been described as a prominent feature of coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19). This systematic review synthesizes current data on thrombosis risk, prognostic impli-cations, and anticoagulation effects in COVID-19. We included 37 studies from 4070 unique citations.Meta-analysis was performed when feasible. Coagulopathy and thrombotic events were frequentamong patients with COVID-19 and further increased in those with more severe forms of the disease.We also present guidance on the prevention and management of thrombosis from a multidisciplinarypanel of specialists from Mayo Clinic. The current certainty of evidence is generally very low andcontinues to evolve.
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