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Quality Management and Six Sigma

Edited by: Abdurrahman Coskun

ISBN 978-953-307-130-5, Hard cover, 276 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: August 2010
Subject: Industrial Engineering and Management

If you do not measure, you do not know, and if you do not know, you cannot manage. Modern Quality Management and Six Sigma shows us how to measure and, consequently, how to manage the companies in business and industries. Six Sigma provides principles and tools that can be applied to any process as a means used to measure defects and/or error rates. In the new millennium thousands of people work in various companies that use Modern Quality Management and Six Sigma to reduce the cost of products and eliminate the defects. This book provides the necessary guidance for selecting, performing and evaluating various procedures of Quality Management and particularly Six Sigma. In the book you will see how to use data, i.e. plot, interpret and validate it for Six Sigma projects in business, industry and even in medical laboratories.
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