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Biomarkers for Diabetes Complications: The Results of Several Clinical Studies
Diler Aslan

Journal of Medical Biochemistry. Volume 30, Issue 3, Pages 207–212

Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder. Its microvascular and macrovascular complications contribute to death, disabilities, and reduction in life expectancy in diabetes. It is a costly disease, and affects not only the patient and family, but also the public health, communities and society. It takes an increasing proportion of the national health care expenditure. The prevention of the development of diabetes and its complications is a major concern. Biomarkers have been investigated for understanding the mechanisms of the development and progression of diabetic complications. In this paper, the biomarkers which are recommended in the clinical practice and laboratory medicine guidelines, and which have been investigated for prediction or diagnosis of diabetes complications, have been reviewed. The results of several clinical studies will be summarized.
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