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This tutorial should give you information on the following topics:

What is DNA and what is it made of? You'll read about the components of DNA (and RNA) and learn about the relationship between genes, chromosomes and DNA.

How is DNA reproduced? Every organism must produce copies of itself in order to pass on genetic information to its young before it must the cells in that organism, as well. How does the cell make a copy of itself and how is DNA copied as a part of that process?

What is the three-dimensional structure of DNA? The components which make up DNA come together in a specific way to form the DNA molecule. How do these components relate to one another to form DNA?

What is RNA and what are the functions of RNA? There are several types of RNA in cells, each with its own specific, important role in the cell. Why do cells need RNA if they have DNA?....we'll find out!

If organisms need RNA, then how do they synthesize it? The process of transcription explains how RNA is synthesized. You'll learn about the players in this process and how they work together to produce RNA.

Now that we have RNA, how do we make proteins from it? This question will be answered by looking at the process of translation. We'll take a look at the players in this process, as well.
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