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European Urinalysis Guidelines

Scand J Clin Lab Invest 2000; 60: 1 ± 96

These European Urinalysis Guidelines are given under the auspices of the European Confederation of Laboratory Medicine (ECLM). Medical needs for urinalysis Urinalysis should always be performed on the basis of medical need, and appropriate examinations for various clinical populations and presentations should be determined by cost/ bene®t analysis. On this basis, selection indications for urinalysis are suggested for detecting diseases of the kidneys or urinary tract (Page 6).
The referral for detailed urine examinations should include an adequate description of the specimen type, and should inform the laboratory of the clinical need in order to facilitate correct selection of examination procedures and
interpretation of results (Page 6). This medical information is mandatory when the choice is
being made between minimum and optimum procedures for different specimens. The minimum information needed is outlined (Page 48). Requirements for computerized information systems are discussed (Page 49).
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