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The biochemical basis of disease
Alastair J. Barr

Essays In Biochemistry
Dec 03, 2018,62(5)619-642;DOI: 10.1042/EBC20170054

This article gives the reader an insight into the role of biochemistry in some of the current
global health and disease problems. It surveys the biochemical causes of disease in an
accessible and succinct form while also bringing in aspects of pharmacology, cell biology,
pathology and physiology which are closely aligned with biochemistry. The discussion of the
selected diseases highlights exciting new developments and illuminates key biochemical
pathways and commonalities. The article includes coverage of diabetes, atherosclerosis,
cancer, microorganisms and disease, nutrition, liver disease and Alzheimer’s disease, but
does not attempt to be comprehensive in its coverage of disease, since this is beyond its
remit and scope. Consequently there are many fascinating biochemical aspects of diseases,
both common and rare, that are not addressed here that can be explored in the further
reading cited. Techniques and biochemical procedures for studying disease are not covered
in detail here, but these can be found readily in a range of biochemical methods sources.
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